About me

Hello! I am a software engineer working at Google. :)

Education Experience:
I graduated as a master student of North Carolina State University in Computer Science in May 2017 with GPA of 3.75.

Work Authorization Status:
For my work authorization status, I am an American citizen and will not require any sponsorship for any type of visa to work in U.S.

Work Experience:
I'm currently working at Google in Gmail SRE team, which is reponsible to developing internal system to ensure Google's crucial Gmail service reliability. Ensure to provide a consistent continueiously Gmail services to users around the world. Before Google, I was working at Microsoft focusing on building infrastructures and systems for Bing Hotel Ads including both online (Near Real Time design on Azure) and offline (Big data processing pipelines). I worked with IBM in 2016 Summer and Fall for my internship with Watson team, which our team focused on leverages Watson's cognitive capabilities to enhance clients' experience. In 2015 Summer, I worked with Toshiba Global Commerce Solution for my Summer internship, which our team was focusing on point-of-sale software and PINPAD developments. In 2013 Spring and 2014 Fall, I worked with BlackBerry, which was focusing on developing internal software automation scripts in 2013 Spring and focusing on BlackBerry 10 application QA tasks in 2014 Fall.

Research Experience:
When in graduate study in NCSU, I worked with Dr. Lester and Dr. Mott focusing on leveraging Tensorflow DNN framework to the topic of Detecting Distraction from Videos of Students Interacting with a Game-Based Learning Environment. When I was undergraduate, I was working with Dr. Lester and Dr. Boyer focusing on prosodic analysis for identifying certainty level of students through their spoken dialogues.




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