Graduate Student (Master)
Computer Science
North Carolina State University

About me

Hello! I am graduate master student of North Carolina State University majoring in Computer Science. My anticipated graduation date for my Master degree in Computer Science is May 2017, and my current graduate GPA is 4.0 and my undergraduate GPA is 3.845. To avoid any possible confusion, although I have a foreign legal name, I am an American citizen and will not require any sponsorship for any type of visa to work in U.S.

Work Experience:
I worked with IBM in 2016 Summer and Fall for my internship with Watson team, which our team focused on leverages Watson's cognitive capabilities to enhance clients' experience. In 2015 Summer, I worked with Toshiba Global Commerce Solution for my Summer internship, which our team was focusing on point-of-sale software and PINPAD developments. In 2013 Spring and 2014 Fall, I worked with BlackBerry, which was focusing on developing internal software automation scripts in 2013 Spring and focusing on BlackBerry 10 application QA tasks in 2014 Fall.

Research Experience:
I am currently working with Dr. Lester and Dr. Mott focusing on leveraging Tensorflow DNN framework to the topic of Detecting Distraction from Videos of Students Interacting with a Game-Based Learning Environment. When I was undergraduate, I was working with Dr. Lester and Dr. Boyer focusing on prosodic analysis for identifying certainty level of students through their spoken dialogues.




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